Sewing & Patternmaking Online Course (Stage 1)

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Learn how to Sew in No Time! Become skilled in Sewing and Patternmaking wherever you are in the world!

- Have you always wanted to learn fashion design but lacked the time?

- Are you looking to learn a valuable skill that can always be transformed into a business opportunity in your spare time?

- Do you need to brush up your sewing and pattern making skills?

This Sewing and Pattern Making Online Course gives you the opportunity to learn how to sew (even if you have no prior knowledge of sewing).

Don't let anything stop you from maximising your passion! You can still learn to sew even in your busy schedule! If you have a regular 9 to 5 job, you don't need to give up your passion for fashion design. You can learn the skill with this short course and become a professional with the perfect factory finish.

‘’We teach from the very scratch, so the course is perfect for you even as a beginner with no knowledge of how to thread the sewing machine! All you need is your passion for fashion design and determination to succeed! We have transformed students with no clue about sewing into skilled individuals’’ -Martwayne

This course is for you if you:

- Don't have any idea about sewing or pattern making;
- Have a lot of creative fashion ideas but cannot translate them into wearable clothes;
- Will love to own your own clothing line someday;
- Have a busy schedule but desire to learn fashion design;
- Want to learn fashion design but have limited time;
- Learn a profitable skill in your spare time;
- Are a career person who wants another source of income; or
- You are a student on a long school break, looking to learn a profitable skill.

This course is for everyone! As a student, a housewife, a job seeker or a professional, it is important to have a skill that can make you money. Even if you have a profitable business, this course will enable you diversify your source of income; and provide you with skills to design amazing outfits for yourself and loved ones.