Creative and Fashion Illustration Course

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  • Do you want to start a fashion business but feel you are not creative enough? 
  • Have you been asked to submit a portfolio for your fashion school application, but you have no idea what that is?
  • Do your tailors keep sewing designs completely different from what you described?
  • Are you curious about how top-notch designers and creative directors come up with amazing designs? 

Then this Physical Class is perfect for you.

Learn the artistic side of fashion and bring your designs to life. 

A lot of designers imagine beautiful designs but are unable to sketch or visually express them using detailed images. The Creative and Fashion Illustration Course teaches you the key skills for developing your designs. You will learn how to draw fashion sketches, create fashion collections and use a digital fashion illustration app using a step-by-step guide.

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You are passionate about fashion;
  • You want to become a fashion designer;
  • Are a fashion designer who finds it difficult to sketch designs and visually represent your fashion ideas to your clients;
  • You know how to sew, but you are unable to come up with original designs; or
  • You are tired of copying styles from fashion magazines.

This detailed 3-in-1 Fashion Course includes:

  • How to Develop a Fashion Collection & Portfolio
  • Manual Fashion Illustration
  • Digital Fashion Illustration

Available on Weekdays & Weekends.