Costing and Pricing Online Course

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Learn How to charge the true value of your work.

​- Do you feel your work is underpriced and unappreciated by your customers?

- Are you struggling to pay your bills because you are out of cash?

- Do you work so hard but have nothing to show for it at the end of each month?

- Do you have great plans to expand your business but lack the funding?

- Would you like to learn a simple formula that will enable you:

charge your worth;
grow your income;
expand your business;
generate funds from within; and
finally pay yourself a salary?
Then this Course is for you!

What You Will Learn:

Identify the various costs that go into production to arrive at a proper selling price;
Determine the impact of these costs on your bottom line;
Cut down on costs to increase your cash flow and profit;
Charge each cost to each product;
Set a proper selling price and grow your income;
Make business decisions based on facts and data; and
Build your confidence to charge the prices you deserve.

Bonuses You Get with this Online Course:

Free EBook 'The Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing'
Free Audiobook 'The Easy Guide to Costing & Pricing'
Free PDF download of the topics covered for constant reference;
Post Course Access for 3 months;
Exclusive Membership to the Martwayne Online Social Community during the Post-Course Access; and
A Certificate on Successful Completion of the Course.