Complete Guide to Dart Manipulation

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Learn 2 methods of dart manipulation, how to move the positions of darts and how to properly label a pattern. 2 techniques, 5 applications, 5 bonus learning points.

As a fashion designer, it is crucial to not simply learn how to sew a dart, but also understand how to use darts and manipulate them to achieve the perfect design detail for your clothes. Darts are more than simple garment additions. They require key techniques that enable you alter the darts to achieve the look of your garment.

The Complete Guide to Dart Manipulation shows how to apply key dart manipulation techniques to achieve several variations.

This dressmaking course is for you if:

· You are a fashion designer who is unable to achieve your desired designs because of dart placements;

· You want to improve on your creativity as a fashion designer;

· You want to improve your pattern making skills;

· You want to become a fashion designer;

· Own a fashion line or you intend to start your ready to wear line.

What the Complete Guide to Dart Manipulation from Martwayne offers you.

This online course offers you the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime at your convenience. With this course, you get:

· Bonus Modules: This course gives you access to 4 bonus modules for free

· Higher Income Opportunity: Increasingly, there is a demand for those with unique skills, who can creatively manipulate basic techniques to create unique designs. This sets you apart and positions you to charge higher for the added value you are now able to offer clients.

Here is a glimpse of what you learn in this course:

Core Modules: Dart Manipulation Techniques and Application

· Explore the possibilities available with dart manipulation

· Learn the slash and spread method of dart manipulation and how they are used in 3 applications

· Learn the pivotal technique of dart manipulation and practise in 2 applications

Bonus Modules

· Know your pattern making tools

· Understanding technical drawings

· How to label a pattern for commercial purposes

. Course recap

We know first-hand what it feels like to learn new concepts in order to improve skills and charge higher prices. We also understand how challenging some students find online learning. Our Online Courses were also created to get our courses to learners who do not live in our location but want to benefit from our knowledge.

Why are we so confident you will get the best from our Online Course? Simple! We teach our concepts from scratch because we also learnt the concepts from scratch in a very relaxed atmosphere. Learning new concepts can be daunting but we had to make it fun for you! I learnt everything from scratch myself. We are GREAT at what we do!

It's time for you to take that plunge too and start to earn some serious income from your fashion business!

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