Clothing Design & Styling with Darts

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Your journey to becoming a top-notch fashion designer and pattern maker starts here.
Differentiate yourself and create unique designs that stand you out using darts and style lines.  Boost your patternmaking skills by being creative with your basic darts. Be unique and earn a higher income.

Do you:

- face challenges with translating your sketches into dress patterns?

- imagine beautiful outfits but face difficulties in creating them?

- struggle with constantly creating new designs and reinventing yourself?

- wish you could maintain originality with your designs? or

- struggle with convincing your clients to pay more for your services?

then you run the risk of losing your creativity, uniqueness and potential as a top Designer.

As a Fashion Designer, your basic darts can only take you so far. Your ability to create unique outfits and set fashion trends is limited without exceptional skills in design details using your darts..

Accomplish your fashion dream. Create exceptional designs that make you stand out!

Your creative skills and business can generate so much more income! If you wish to:

  • Become a renowned fashion designer;
  • Run a successful fashion school as a fashion trainer;
  • Consistently attract new clients and students;
  • Offer more value and charge higher fees;
  • Develop fresh ideas, designs and concepts; and
  • Reinvent your teaching techniques as a fashion trainer;

then you must be able to apply standardised pattern making techniques that are applicable anywhere in the world.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and apply standardised pattern making techniques;
  • Understand basic clothing design principles and translate them into workable patterns;
  • Overcome designer’s block and channel creativity into developing your best design yet; and
  • Boost your skills in pattern making for fashion design while generating higher income for your fashion business

Too busy for pattern making courses? Martwayne has got you covered!

Unlike any other pattern making course online, this course was designed for you to learn pattern making how you want it, at your convenience, in any location with specialised instructor support to suit your learning needs and meet your learning objectives.

For some, the key challenge to taking fashion and design courses is lack of time, unavailability of funds and a fast-paced teaching approach. As such, the course has been designed by a key professional in the fashion industry with over 10 years of experience as a fashion student, designer, tutor and business owner. Drawing from these experiences, this course is delivered using a step-by-step approach where lessons are broken down to the barest minimum; at a highly discounted and affordable rate.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of key pattern making techniques and be able to apply them;
  • Be able to create beautiful designs using your darts;
  • Understand how to visualise parts of an outfit and translate your sketches into patterns;
  • Be able to creatively come up with beautiful outfits and consistently develop unique designs;
  • Be able to offer your clients and fashion students more value, improve your services, charge higher and generate the income you deserve.

Note from the Instructor:

We know first-hand what it feels like to learn new concepts in order to improve skills and charge higher prices. We also understand how challenging some students find online learning. That was exactly why we approached this Course from a different perspective. Our Online Courses were created to get our courses to students who do not live in our location but also want to benefit from our knowledge.

Why are we so confident you will get the best from our Online Course? Simple! We teach our concepts from scratch because we also learnt the concepts from scratch in a very jovial atmosphere. Learning new concepts can be daunting but we had to make it fun for you! I learnt everything from scratch myself. We are GREAT at what we do! It's time for you to take that plunge too and start to earn some serious income from your fashion business!

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